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Driving Under the Influence in Boulder, Colorado

A Boulder County DUI charge will bring the accused before the Boulder or Longmont courts. It may also initiate a separate action by the Department of Motor Vehicles to revoke their driver’s license. DUI attorney Kevin Churchill has represented those accused of DUI in Boulder County for years, and is well acquainted with the Boulder Courts and DMV.

The Colorado blood alcohol limit is 0.08 for DUI charges, and 0.05 for DWAI (Driving While Ability Impaired). However, only a BAC of 0.08 or higher will trigger the separate action to revoke your license (as will a refusal to take a BAC test).

Generally, your criminal DUI case is unrelated to the hearing at the DMV regarding your license. However, a DUI conviction in court will also trigger a revocation of your driver’s license at the DMV. The DMV rules governing your driver’s license can be very complicated, and there are several ways to end up with a revocation. Please call us, and Mr. Churchill will help you to understand this complicated maze of rules.

Most of those charged with a drunk driving offense automatically assume that there is no defense to the charge. They believe that they were caught, the police have the proof, and that is the end of the analysis. This is not so. The first objective of a DUI lawyer is to avoid a conviction altogether by closely scrutinizing the procedures used by the police officer that arrested you. Your lawyer must conduct a complete review of the evidence – including examining everything from the initial stop of your vehicle by the police officer, all the way through to the end of the process when your BAC is tested, and you are placed into a holding cell. If the police did not follow prescribed procedures, and follow the law, then we may be able to show that the evidence is not reliable – or exclude it from your court case altogether. In broad terms, the categories of DUI analysis include:

Did the Boulder police have a basis to stop (or approach) your vehicle to begin with?

Was the evidence observable to the police officer at your vehicle enough to justify your detention and further investigation for driving under the influence?

Were the field sobriety tests administered to you properly?

Were your rights properly explained to you?

Were the blood or breath test procedures conducted properly and therefore accurate?

There is a considerable amount of law and research relating to each of these broad categories. Attorney Kevin Churchill has defended hundreds of those accused of DUI in the Denver and Boulder areas, and has the experience to identify issues that will help you to avoid a conviction when the proof is flawed.

In cases where a conviction cannot be avoided, we will work with you to develop a strategy to avoid serious punishment. We may advise you to begin alcohol classes early, help develop positive facts about you or take other steps that will mitigate your case and minimize your penalties. Please call our Boulder DUI defense law office to discuss your case and speak with Kevin Churchill directly so he can answer any questions that you may have.