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denver drug possession defense attorneysHaving drugs in Colorado can get you into big legal trouble. It’s important to know your rights. If you need help, ask a Denver Drug Possession Defense Attorney for assistance. They have a very important job in keeping your freedom and name safe during court cases.

Understanding Your Right to Refuse Search

When a Denver cop asks to look through your body, car, house, or anything that belongs to you it is okay for you to say no. If police officers search your place even though you say no, Colorado courts may decide that your rights are broken. If the police officer cannot give a legal reason for searching, then a judge might say that permission should have been obtained beforehand. In many drug problems, the law’s decision is based on if it turns out to be a “Search and Seize” issue.

Drug Classifications and Regulations

Federal drug rules make a system that sorts out different types of controlled substances into several groups. These groups show and name illegal drug kinds, giving simple explanations. In Colorado, these groups follow or use federal drug rules. They call substances from the list “Controlled Substance.”

Understanding Punishments for Denver Drug Possession Defenses

The severity of drug-related offenses typically relies on:

  • The SCHEDULE or classification of the drug
  • The QUANTITY in possession
  • The INTENDED PURPOSE for having it

The worst drug crimes involve producing, manufacturing, or selling illegal substances. Having drugs in large amounts suggests you want to sell them. This can get you found guilty without any straight proof about actually selling the drugs yourself.

In Colorado, having drugs for personal use is usually not so bad as more serious crimes. For example, using a little bit of marijuana (less than one ounce) is seen as a petty crime. When people are found guilty of petty crimes, they usually don’t go to jail, but instead might get probation or have to pay a fine. Possessing large amounts of marijuana or other drugs, even for self-use, is considered a serious crime. Having more than one ounce of marijuana is deemed a felony in Colorado.

Enhanced Penalties

Colorado has stricter punishments for drug crimes that include kids, dealing drugs to children, or buying and selling them on school grounds.

Fourth Amendment Considerations

A lot of drug-related cases include possible breaks of the Fourth Amendment’s rules about search and seizure. Often, government groups go beyond their rights in the constitution when looking for drugs or proof. A skilled Denver Drug Possession Defense Lawyer can check if the right legal steps were taken. They may succeed in getting some or all of the proof against you tossed out during court. By making the prosecution’s case weaker, the lawyer moves on to who has to prove wrongdoing. This plan helps you say that some rules were not followed correctly.

Consult a Denver Drug Possession Defense Attorney

Getting caught with drugs is a big problem and requires the help of an experienced lawyer in Denver. Our team at Churchill Criminal Defense can give you the needed legal help and advice to win your case. Don’t handle these problems by yourself – get in touch with us now to arrange a meeting with our Denver Drug Possession Defense Lawyer. Contact us today.