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How is DUI Sentencing done in Boulder, Colorado?

SentencingThe maximum penalty for a Driving Under the Influence charge in Colorado is one year in the county jail. If there are other convictions in the case that allow the judge to impose jail, the other charges may result in additional jail at sentencing. The sentence that the judge will give for DUI or DWAI will depend on several factors. The court will consider whether there was reckless driving, whether the defendant shows remorse, whether he has started alcohol treatment, and any bad behavior during the arrest. However, the three factors listed below are the most important, and one or more of these factors can greatly increase your sentence…

  • Prior Record for DUI, DWI, or DWAI
    The more prior offenses the defendant has, the greater the likelihood he or she will receive the maximum sentence.

  • Traffic Accident
    If the defendant was involved in an accident, this makes the judge’s perception of the case significantly worse. In cases where someone is injured, the DUI charge may be accompanied by a charge of Vehicular Assault.

  • High Blood Alcohol Level
    The higher the level, the more concerned the judge will be that you are a danger to others, and must be punished to be persuaded not to repeat the offense.

Sentencing Table

The table below will help you to determine the minimum and maximum penalty for a first or second drunk driving offense. For those facing a third or subsequent charge, please call us to discuss the possible outcome of your case. The table only shows the range of possible sentences. We do not recommend that you try to predict the outcome of your unique case without consulting a qualified DUI lawyer. Please call us to discuss the specifics of your case.

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