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Denver Court Process

he following guide contains nuts and bolts basic information about Criminal Court in Colorado as well as general information about the criminal justice process in Colorado and how it works.

Coming to Court

  • You are usually expected to be in Court at 8:30 AM or 1:30 PM.
  • Allow time to clear security. Allow time to park. Do not be late.
  • Although your case might not get called for hours, it might get called right away. Do not tempt the fate.

What to Wear
Use your common sense. Avoid provocative clothing, short shorts, halter tops, obscene t-shirts, etc.

If possible, dress as you would for church or synagogue.

Missed Appearances
You alone are responsible for getting to Court when you are supposed to. If you fail to appear, a warrant for your arrest will issue. Still, sometimes “stuff happens.” Sometimes, you can’t avoid missing court. An emergency, a flat tire, or other problem may delay you or cause your absence.

If you do miss court, you need to respond quickly. Don’t let fear dictate your response. Do immediately contact the court clerk and politely explain what happened and ask how to get back on track.

Demeanor is Very Important
When you are in court, it is essential to be courteous to others at all times. Both the judge and the DA in your case have a lot of experience “getting a sense” of a person just from the way they behave in the courtroom. It is important that you give off the “vibe” that you have respect for the court, and for others. Often, the criminal allegation already creates the courtroom bias against you that you do not care about the impact of your behavior on others. It is important to counter this with an attitude of respect.