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Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer

Kevin Churchill provides aggressive defense to all criminal charges in Denver and the surrounding Colorado counties. For over 23 years he has been protecting the accused from unnecessary convictions and criminal sentences. Our clients avoid convictions when that is possible, and when it isn’t possible, make every effort to mitigate the outcome at sentencing. Criminal convictions can have life-changing consequences both in court, and in life beyond the courtroom.

With 23 years of experience, Kevin Churchill has represented thousands of clients in Colorado that have been charged with crimes. He handles all criminal charges, including everything from minor misdemeanor cases, all the way up through life-sentence felony cases. Mr. currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar.

Kevin Churchill is an experienced Denver criminal defense attorney and he works with the renowned investigators and the best laboratory technicians available in the Front Range area. He has achieved notable results for his clients over the course of decades of practice.