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Case Dismissed – First Degree Assault

Investigation proved that client stabbing another person in public was self defense to an unprovoked attack

Not Guilty at Trial – Third Degree Assault

Client accused by both of his daughters of assaulting them. Cross examination revealed lack of credibility and bias of the accusers.

Deferred and Dismissed – Sexual Exploitation

Development of substantial mitigation inspired leniency by prosecutor and judge

Deferred and Dismissed – Felony Menacing

Client accused of brandishing a gun during a road-rage incident.

Dismissed Before Trial  РAssault and Child Abuse

Client accused by multiple witnesses of forcibly pulling child away from her ex-husband. Investigation revealed that witnesses contradicted each other on facts.

Not Guilty at Trial – Domestic Violence

Charges of Assault, False Imprisonment, Harassment. Client accused by ex-girlfriend of striking her and keeping her from leaving her apartment.

Not Guilty at Trial – Domestic Violence

Client accused of kicking his girlfriend in his truck.

Deferred and Dismissed Drug Cultivation

Client subject to search warrant for large marijuana cultivation operation in a home.

Deferred and Dismissed – Solicitation of Prostitution

Client was a subject of an undercover sting operation, and was recorded seeking sexual acts for money.

Deferred and Dismissed – Possession of Controlled Substances