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Five Questions for Your DUI Case

Many people contact us after they are arrested for DUI here in Denver. They all have stories to tell, but it’s the answers to the most critical questions that determine where they stand. The answers can show potential defenses and how strong the prosecution’s case may be. There…

Your Minor Has Been Arrested. What Do You Do?

Kids make mistakes. Some mistakes break the law. If your child was arrested, he or she is now in Colorado’s juvenile justice system. This is the end of many kids’ involvement with the law, and with an effective defense attorney helping your family, hopefully, that will be true…

Accused of Domestic Violence? What You Need to Know – Act Fast!

If you’re under investigation for domestic violence, take quick action to protect your freedom, legal rights, and reputation. Domestic violence-related crimes need to be taken seriously. They should be handled by an experienced, knowledgeable defense attorney you can trust. Kevin Churchill limits his practice to criminal defense law….

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