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Posted By | October 31, 2022 | Defense Attorney

If I Violate My Probation in Colorado, What Will Happen?

If you are on probation in Colorado and you violate the terms of your probation, you will be required to appear before a judge at a probation violation hearing. At the hearing, the prosecutor will present evidence that you violated the terms of your probation, and you will…

Posted By | October 27, 2022 | Defense Attorney

What To Do If Police Are Questioning You

If you are questioned by the police, it is important to know your rights. The Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution protects citizens from self-incrimination, meaning you have the right to refuse to answer any questions that could incriminate you. This protection applies even if you’ve been…

Posted By | September 17, 2021 | Defense Attorney,Probable Cause,Theft

Theft and Probable Cause

Theft is a crime under Colorado statute. Probable cause is the legal standard for law enforcement to justify an arrest, conduct a search, or receive a warrant. If these actions were taken without probable cause before your arrest for theft, at the very least, the evidence against you…

Posted By | September 14, 2021 | Defense Attorney,DUI

Four Questions to Ask a DUI Attorney

If you’re arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) you need to protect yourself, your family, and your future. Finding the right attorney is key to accomplishing those goals. You need to go beyond the websites and talk to attorneys you think could be a good match. Choosing…

Posted By | August 9, 2021 | Bail Bonds,Defense Attorney

How Do Bail Bonds Work?

You may need bail to be released after an arrest. What do you do if you, family members, and friends don’t have enough money to bail you out? A bail bond may be the answer. For a fee, a bond can be posted. It will need to be…

Posted By | August 5, 2021 | Defense Attorney,Drug Charges

Don’t Take Drug Charges Lightly

Drug-related charges make up a huge portion of criminal cases here in the greater Denver area. They involve state and federal laws, law enforcement agencies, and prosecutors. They cover everything from possession to multi-national, multi-million dollar drug operations. Though these charges are common, don’t assume they’re not a…

Posted By | June 25, 2021 | Defense Attorney,DUI

To Find the Best Denver Attorney for Your DUI Case, Ask these Eight Questions

If you’re arrested for DUI, you’re probably pretty stressed out because you don’t know how the process will work, how it’s going to impact you, your job, your finances, or your relationships with others. You face many decisions, and one of the most important is whether or not…

Posted By | June 24, 2021 | Defense Attorney,DUI,Firm News

Five Questions for Your DUI Case

Many people contact us after they are arrested for DUI here in Denver. They all have stories to tell, but it’s the answers to the most critical questions that determine where they stand. The answers can show potential defenses and how strong the prosecution’s case may be. There…

Posted By | March 26, 2021 | Defense Attorney,Juvenile Conviction

Your Minor Has Been Arrested. What Do You Do?

Kids make mistakes. Some mistakes break the law. If your child was arrested, he or she is now in Colorado’s juvenile justice system. This is the end of many kids’ involvement with the law, and with an effective defense attorney helping your family, hopefully, that will be true…